If you like to plan, shop and prep for the week's meals ahead of time, you are what we call a meal planner. We are starting a meal-planners club (of sorts) which is all about helping you to put good food on the table every day, in the easiest possible way. With the help of our friends at New World supermarkets we will help you shop for the freshest seasonal ingredients, offer food preparation tips and tricks and inspire you to make more dishes from scratch so you can rest assured you are serving nutritionally balanced meals. Our fortnightly meal planners start today and it's all there for you to shop, cook and prep, on your day of choosing, ready for the week ahead. These planners will live in their own section on bite.co.nz so that you can start to mix and match recipes and revisit your favourites easily.

If, like me, you are more of a take-dinner-one-day-at-a-time person you will still find Ray McVinnie's recipes for ginger chicken and vegetable noodle bowls, French-style long-cooked beef and carrot stew and baked salmon on warm green vegetable salad handy additions.

To the one-pan meal files we are adding a pumpkin gratin with chicken legs.

is receiving an Allyson Gofton makeover with a homemade (gluten-free for those who require it) base, hot smoked salmon and hummus.


Peter Gordon has some lovely ideas for a soon-to-be first time dad who wants to fill the freezer with gourmet meals before bub's arrival takes him out of the kitchen.

For sweets, Aaron Burnet's mandarin, ginger, chocolate tart is giving us something to remember. It's plant-based and freezes well so you don't have to eat it all at once.