A popular YouTube vlogger famous for sharing his wholesome family life with millions of viewers around the world allegedly sent fans as young as 16 "sexual" messages.

Chris Ingham, whose channel The Ingham Family has more than 1 million subscribers, sent a message asking one viewer to drop her towel and send a picture.

The Ingham Family channel, which boasts more than 300 million views, regularly includes lengthy videos showcasing the everyday trials and tribulations of modern family life.

Ingham has been accused of sending fans with "seedy" messages - even allegedly asking one 16-year-old to "sneak out" of her mother's hotel room to meet him in the middle of the night.


And in another sexually charged message, he reportedly sent a picture of himself to a 19-year-old asking her to send a naked one in return after claiming he could make her a star, The Sun revealed.

One fan, Bella Fearn, 19, from Cheadle, was sent this by Chris in response to a selfie she shared. Photo / Snapchat
One fan, Bella Fearn, 19, from Cheadle, was sent this by Chris in response to a selfie she shared. Photo / Snapchat

Ingham, 34, who is married to wife Sarah, 35, has three young children aged 12, nine, and six, began vlogging three years ago and quickly amassed a legion of young fans.

One fan, 16-year-old Jess Simpson, from Sussex, revealed that he had tried to lure her from her hotel while she holidayed with family in Florida last October.

Visiting Disneyland with her parents, Ingham - who was staying in the same hotel - sent Jess private messages on Twitter calling her 'mega pretty' and telling her 'I bet I can make you feel a lot better about things', and, 'if you can sneak out without waking anyone then deffo come meet me!'

Later, he asked if she was home alone and told her he was "coming over for a party" and that he wanted to go "skinny dipping".

They never met in person but Jess eventually told her mum about the messages.

In a separate incident, Ingham told a 19-year-old that she had a "banging bod" and said he wanted to offer her help into the industry.

After meeting Bella Fear, from Staffordshire, during a trip to Alton Towers where she worked, Ingham began sending lurid messages to her - asking her to drop her towel and send nudes.

In one message, he said: "Bottom line, I like you. And I like helping people. And I have the powers and the people to help turn yourself into a massive role model to thousands on Instagram and maybe even YouTube too."

Various screen-grabbed images of Ingham's alleged messages have since been shared online, including one purporting to show him having "unliked" various photos of girls.

In another message, seemingly sent from his account, he appeared to threaten a girl he had slept with with being sued for £250,000 for breaking a non-disclosure agreement.