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You usually eat ice cream out of a cone, a bowl, or maybe even a waffle, but have we been consuming the creamy goodness wrong for years? Should we, in fact, be wearing it?

Giapo Grazioli thinks so. And he's set out to change, yet again, the way people experience their ice cream.

The Giapo founder and "king of ice cream" has this week launched wearable ice cream: worn on your fingers, it promises not drip a drop either, thanks to a chocolate seal.


Sounds crazy, right? But will it live up to its claims, or is our panel about to find more of a hot mess, than hot stuff?

And in an era of "doing it for the gram" will this creation take Instagram stars Gracie Taylor and Cam Mansel's game to the next level?

Team Trial and Error set off to find out just that.

It looks amazing, but is it really practical? Photo / Giapo
It looks amazing, but is it really practical? Photo / Giapo

The test

The wearable ice cream comes in two equally adorable varieties:

The first is little cup-shaped ice creams that sit perfectly on top of the fingertips. The second are miniature ice cream cones that hug the top halves of our fingers.

Right off the bat, both Gracie and Cam said the ice cream was as delicious as expected, and the "wearability" was far better than either would have guessed.

The ice cream cups even stayed on during the unofficial - but highly rigorous - Gracie Taylor Wiggle Test.

No this is not a new gang sign. It is a
No this is not a new gang sign. It is a "wiggle test".

Both panellists found the cone-based wearable ice cream was their favourite, due to their high amounts of "creamy ice cream goodness".

As for the best flavour, both panellists agreed the hazelnut variety topped the charts, earning a decidedly moreish 10/10.

The verdict

Sure, it's not the most practical way to eat ice cream, but what it lacks in practicality it makes up for in fun and serious Instagram kudos.

"So impractical, but so fun".

It also lives up to its no drips claim: Gracie and Cam raved about the lack of clean up after engulfing the delicious morsels.

It was a very easy decision for both Gracie and Cam who gave Giapo's latest creation two sparkling clean thumbs up.