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Winter brings with it lots of fun things such as apres ski, mulled wine, fabulous coats and cosy nights in by the fire.

But it also heralds in some serious bummers too: frosty windshields, high power bills, numb fingertips and flaky skin that feels as dry as an elephant in the Sahara.

So why does our skin change so much in the colder months?


Natio Education Manager, Christina Schroder, says it's all about balance: "Due to changes in weather, exposure to the elements and being in and out of heating, skin struggles to find balance. It can dry out easily and become irritated or red."

Thankfully every time winter blasts in, hundreds of beauty offerings also pop up, all promising to make skin shine brighter than sunstrike on a sunny winter's morning.

But how many times have you forked out serious coin for a product, only to find that it's way too greasy, or doesn't work at all?

So team Trial and Error has put the groundwork in for you and tested the most popular winter moisturisers, in order to find which ones actually do the job.

From an extensive list, we narrowed it down to five products we felt performed best and from that, here are our top five winter moisturisers of 2018.

Weleda Skin Food, Nivea Soft, Natio Intensive, Bees Brilliance Skin Brightening, Essano Rosehip. Photos / Supplied
Weleda Skin Food, Nivea Soft, Natio Intensive, Bees Brilliance Skin Brightening, Essano Rosehip. Photos / Supplied

Our top five

1. Nivea Soft - $8.50

This economical number is a top performer for many reasons. Its buttery texture glides onto the skin and gives all day hydration.

It also smells incredible and given its affordable price point and how well it stays put this little number comes up trumps.


2. Essano Rosehip Collagen Repair Night Creme - $24.99

A little certainly goes a long way with this one: a small dollop covers the face, neck and even hands.

The product left our skin feeling plump, radiant and in the morning there was no dry skin in sight - dream result.

3. Bee's Brilliance Skin Brightening Moisturising Cream - $41.99

Makeup lovers rejoice. This new number came out as the perfect base for our daily makeup.

Leaving no creases, our skin felt quenched all day long - this one is sure to become a beauty bag essential.

4. Natio Intensive Moisturising Day Cream - $22.99

Presented in simple packaging, with a simple promise, this one certainly delivered, giving an intense, non-greasy hydration boost.

However, this super luxurious texture might be best for those makeup-free days because applying foundation on top isn't the smoothest task.

5. Weleda Skin Food - $22.90

Weleda Skin Food was a delicious final addition to the top five. However, we learned it's a big no-no for faces because it leaves visible oil and stickiness on the skin.

Use it for hands, elbows and knees and if you're a gardener definitely keep this hard-working product in your bag of tricks. It's natural ingredients also mean it won't sting if the rose bushes have given you a nick.

Final verdict

Ticking the value-for-money box, as well as giving us baby's-bottom-smooth skin, Nivea Soft took the crown as the must-have item for your face this winter.

It keeps the wallet and the face happy and will instantly kiss your dry skin good bye!