Meghan Markle has made it her signature colour for official engagements since marrying Harry, while it's a favourite shade of royals and First Ladies the world over.

But according to fashion experts and the Daily Mail, wearing pale pink is more than just a fashion choice that's currently popular - it's a way for high profile women married to powerful men to subtly demur to their partners

InStyle magazine has even labelled the hue "passenger seat pink", saying a "preference for the feminine hue may act as a subtle assurance that traditional power dynamics are still in place".

Celebrity stylist and designer Lucas Armitage told Femail that the colour is likely a conscious choice for women such as Melania Trump, Brigitte Macron and the Duchess of Sussex.


"Think pink and you unavoidably think of the feminine, the two are so intricately and strongly bound by societies perceptions it's an unavoidable connotation," he explained.

"A woman wearing pink is nothing new and can't be described as a trend, as such, but it's interesting that the partners of powerful men often choose the hue in a time where gender norms are being eroded.

"For me a woman wearing pink is a decided choice that plays up to the traditional gender roles that are as basic as 'women wear pink and men wear blue'.

''A woman choosing to wear pink is a way of letting her partner take the traditional masculine role and make the appear hyper-masculine by contrast to their typical female attire.

"It's interesting to note the "passenger seat pink" often is worn in times where the male of the partnership is attending an important event or in circumstances where the spotlight needs to be on him."

That principle was in evidence last week when Queen Rania of Jordan accompanied her husband King Abdullah on an official visit to Washington.

The royals were welcomed to the White House by Donald Trump and the First Lady with both the Queen and First Lady opting for outfits in pale pink shades.

Meghan Markle has been wearing it on repeat since taking on official royal duties as the Duchess of Sussex following her wedding.


While her pre-marriage engagements uniform was all about black trousers and dark colours her first public appearance after her wedding saw her step out in a pale blush dress for a Buckingham Palace Garden Party.

She chose a blush Carolina Herrera dress for her first Trooping the Colour after returning from honeymoon and was in pink Prada last week for the Queen's Young Leaders Awards Ceremony last week.

Brigitte Macron, who is married to French president Emmanuel Macron wore the shade for a meeting with the German Prime Minister Angela Merkel in May.

Mrs Macron, who is 24 years her husband's senior, was once arguably the dominant partner in the relationship, first meeting her husband as a 15-year-old schoolboy.