She's already achieved incredible success - founding a billion dollar business after starting off her career as a blogger.

But entrepreneur Amber Venz Box, 30, is not content to rest on her laurels - and is already looking ahead towards the next step in her mission to help make Instagram stars rich.

The mother-of-two set up her business rewardStyle with husband Baxter back in 2011, at a time when blogging was considered just a hobby, and Instagram had only just taken off, The Daily Mail reports.
She explained how it began as a way to help her and a few blogger friends 'start earning a living', by persuading brands to pay them for any direct sales they drove.

Now, her company works with over 30,000 influencers and 4,500 top brands around the world, driving a billion dollars worth of sales to retailers last year.


Her clients have included Meghan Markle, who used rewardStyle to monetise her blog The Tig - which she closed down following her engagement to Prince Harry

Amber, who set up the company with her husband Baxter, has now launched the app - which allows fans to directly buy the outfits worn by Instagram stars.

The businesswoman, who is based in Dallas, Texas, explained how the idea for her company came about while she was trying to earn a living as a blogger, back in 2010.

"I was a girl who wanted to have a career from blogging, and my ultimate goals were to pay rent and wear cute clothes,"she told FEMAIL.

"We launched really for myself and a few of my friends to find a way for us to support ourselves, and start earning a living."

However, it wasn't easy to get brands on board at first, as blogging was still thought of as a hobby at this point.

"It was really slow and painstaking,' Amber said. 'Brands did not want to associate with bloggers, they wanted to be working with movie stars and magazines.

"It really was a tough up-hill battle for rewardStyle for many years. Blogging was new, we obviously needed brands to be paying in order to earn an income and support ourselves and support our families."


But Amber eventually came up with a way to convince brands to sign up, by making it a win-win situation for them.

Her company set up a tool that allowed brands to pay bloggers a commission for any direct sales they drove, but not have to pay any money upfront.

Explaining her business model, she said: "We created this very easy tool and said we're going to create original content for you, and if it converts into a sale, and we can prove that, you pay us a commission on the sales that we drive.

"If it doesn't work, you don't owe us anything. Worst case they had great content written about them. We one by one got brands to agree to the model and sign up."

Amber added: "We're very unique in that influencers only earn when the brand earns, and rewardStyle only earns when the influencers earn. So it's this virtuous circle where we all win together."

Today, the company works with all the top influencers around the world, including the likes of YouTube star Zoella, model Molly Sims, and Made In Chelsea star Rosie Fortescue.

Many of her clients now make over $100,000 dollars a year, with a select few making over $1million dollars a year through rewardStyle.

But one of her first clients was actually Meghan Markle, now the Duchess of Sussex, while her lifestyle blog was still up and running.

"When Meghan launched The Tig, she was referred to us by one of her friends," Amber explained.

"So from the very beginning of launching her site, she was a rewardStyle influencer, up until the day she became a royal essentially and turned off her social platforms."

Amber and husband Baxter have just launched the app in the UK, which allows social media users to directly buy clothes, accessories, and household items seen on the feeds of influencers.

The app has already been an enormous success and, along with parent company rewardStyle, drove a billion dollar worth of sales to brands.

In fact, Amber's company is now up there with the likes of Google and Facebook when it comes to investment from top brands.

'We're winning bigger and bigger budgets, and it's only growing the influencer industry. 86 per cent of brands now have an influencer marketing budget,' she explained.

"Brands have realised the only way to connect to their consumers who are spending six hours on their phone is to plug in to one of the influencers they follow."

The company now has offices all over the world, including Shanghai, Berlin and Sao Paolo - with 250 employees globally.

Amber says she enjoys working and travelling the world with Baxter, while bringing up their two young children together - with another baby on the way.

'Baxter and I were dating for several years before we started rewardStyle,' she explained. 'It's become part of who we are and how we operate.'

'We work on very different sides of the business, so it's nice to be travel together and have breakfast together at the start of the day. I see it as a blessing that we have those moments together.'

Despite the enormous success they've achieved already, Amber is already looking ahead to her next step in ensuring they keep up with changing trends in tech.

'We have to think five steps ahead about what's going to happen two to three years from now, what trends we are going to see, which is going to dictate certain technological needs,' she said.

For now though, Amber has clearly achieved her mission in putting bloggers and Instagram stars on the map.

"What rewardStyle has done for the industry is removed the Wild West nature of what it has been," she said.

"We grew from driving no sales to retailers, to half a billion dollar of sales a year. Fast forward to last year, we were driving a billion dollar of sales to our retail clients.

'Whether people know it or not, we're having a really big impact on the retail industry."