Ice blonde has been taking over newsfeeds across Instagram.

And now celebrity hairdresser and colourist Declan Haworth, of Blue Tit salon in London, has revealed the do's and don'ts of reaching for the bleach, reports The Daily Mail.

Having coloured the locks of former Made In Chelsea star Jess Woodley, and models Fae Williams and Charlie Barker, Declan is the go-to guy for ice-cool colours.

Speaking to Femail, the hair expert revealed that bleach is a huge trend for summer and has become much safer in recent years.


And he insists that anyone can pull off the look, regardless of their natural colour provided you choose a good colourist to find the right shade for your skin tone.

DO: Choose your bleach to match your skin tone

"Everyone can suit being bleach blonde by choosing the correct tone of blonde for one's skin tone – this is the most important thing and if you choose a confident and skilled colourist you will get great healthy beautiful results."

DO: Know your options before you commit

"Bleach doesn't have to be all over. There are either bleach highlights, balayage or full head application!" he said.

"All these will alter the natural hair and each one is suitable for all clients.. the main thing to remember is what maintenance and upkeep one is willing to commit too".

DON'T: Be afraid of bleach formulas

'On average I would suggest maintenance every 8-10 weeks and over 1cm.' Photo / Instagram, Declan Haworth
'On average I would suggest maintenance every 8-10 weeks and over 1cm.' Photo / Instagram, Declan Haworth

"Clients are loving bleach right now because it's more possible to achieve light bleach blonde results due to advances in technology.

"The process effectively is removing all the natural pigment from the hair and although the bleaching process hasn't changed much over the years, the products have!

"Don't- be put off having bleach because your natural hair colour or fear of damaging your hair - they have got much better in recent years to make the process a lot safer than ever before".

DO: Go for it

"You absolutely can bleach in one process," Declan said. "In fact I advise doing it in this way instead of building up with highlights.


"Unfortunately some colour technicians that are not comfortable with scalp or full head bleach process will suggest building up with a highlight technique.

"This will only over process the hair and cause damage in the long run. In my opinion if you want to go blonde and your technician is confident your hair will lift, go for it.

"This way you don't repeatedly over process parts of your hair that actually don't warrant bleaching."

DO: Prioritise maintenance, condition and upkeep

"On average I would suggest maintenance every 8-10 weeks and over 1cm. My main after care tips are: Olaplex, regular conditioning treatments and the use of salon quality shampoo and conditioner.

"I would strongly advise that a more regular visit to your salon for an actual toning service will keep your colour much fresher.

"Alternatively using Davines silver conditioner will help keep that gold at bay."

DON'T: Fall into the 'silver shampoo' trap

"I would also avoid using too much 'silver' shampoo, this is a common misconception that this will prolong your colour... it won't.

"Due to the makeup of these products they contain a lot of sulphates which will remove all the beautiful toner that your colour technician has done!" he revealed.

DO: Always have a patch test

"Unfortunately scalp bleach can effect even the most hardy of scalps as this is a pretty strong product and if used incorrectly can cause chemical burn to the scalp - we patch test before any colour service) to make sure you do not have any allergies to the colour/toner part of your service."

DO: Be careful in the sun

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"The sun is a colour technicians biggest friend and foe.

For natural hair the sun/UV can create some beautiful colours albeit slightly dehydrating.

"But for artificially coloured hair it is our worst enemy.

"I would strongly suggest that using a head scarf or hat whilst bathing in the sun is the best way to protect your hair.

"I know that wearing a silk turban is not very fitting for a pool party or day boogieing on a terrace in Ibiza. But keeping your hair out of the sun when and where possible is the best option.

"And I always suggest that my clients take Olaplex and a deep hydration mask away with them to use as frequently as possible!"