A model has claimed she was told she was 'too fat' by a casting agent - despite being clinically underweight.

Austrian-born Jazz Egger, from London, says she was told to lose weight during a casting for a modelling job on June 23, the Daily Mail reports.

The 20-year-old, who starred in Germany's Next Top Model as well as making the finals of Elite Model Look, weighs 7 stone 12 lbs (50kg) and wears a UK dress size 4/6 (NZ size 6), standing at 5ft 10in.

She has previously battled eating disorders and now has a body mass index (BMI) of 16; a 'healthy' BMI for an adult is between 18.5 and 24.9 according to NHS guidelines.


Now, Jazz has taken to YouTube to share her account of what happened - and says she feels sorry for young models coming into the industry who are told they're the wrong shape.

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In her video rant, Jazz, who did not want to name the casting agency, said: "I'm 177cm tall and I weigh 50 kilos, and they told me that I have to lose weight.

"How is that possible? That's so f***ing crazy. I don't even give a f*** if they don't want me, I don't give a s*** about that.

"It's just so crazy that they want unhealthy models, they want skin and bones. They basically have super skinny models and 'plus-size' models but nothing in between."

Jazz became emotional as she continued: "This industry is so f***ed up. A model usually starts at 14 years old.

"Imagine if a boy or girl that young got told that they were too big when they are already underweight. What does it do to someone?"

She added: "This hasn't been the first time that I was told I'm too big. When I started modelling I starved myself.


"I ate like 100 calories a day in order to conform to industry standards, I was a mess. And now I'm getting told again that I'm too big."

Speaking exclusively to MailOnline, Jazz, who has over 40,000 Instagram followers, said she felt 'mad', adding: "Not because they didn't want me, but because I know that this is how they treat other models as well.

"Some crack under pressure and will fall into eating disorders and other illnesses. This industry ruins people's self-esteem and that shouldn't be tolerated.

"The reason why I broke out in tears in that video was because I feel so sorry for everyone who can't look into the mirror without self-doubt because of the unrealistic beauty ideals the fashion industry has been creating."

In a caption, she wrote: "I can't believe we're in 2018 and people still get body shamed. I'm underweight and the industry's standards seem to be more unrealistic than ever.

"I feel so sorry for everyone who has issues loving their body because of what the fashion industry teaches us.

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"Everyone deserves to have the ability to look into the mirror and feel good about what they see.

"Modelling agencies want to be praised for being 'diverse' when they still shame people and don't give a damn about ruining someone's self-esteem.

"There's so much hate in this world, we don't need more of that by hating ourselves."

Jazz also urged her fans to "unify and support" each other, and to ignore "unrealistic body standards."