Geoff Scott has the veges all prettied up and tasting delicious and I am picking that his tahini roast cauliflower is going to be favourited a lot on Favourite it now and don't forget to give it a rating once you have made it. This system not only provides you with a personal recipe library, it helps us to provide you with more recipes you will enjoy.

Geoff's eggplant parmigiana and leek and fennel gratin will also be popular. Isn't it wonderful that vegetables can now take the starring role on the dinner table? I made them so for meated-out houseguests last weekend. Pumpkin was roasted with thyme and olives, and brussels sprouts pan-fried with walnuts and sherry vinegar to produce a simple, delicious and satisfying meal. The quality of the produce made the difference here. The brussels sprouts and pumpkin were in peak condition at the supermarket, the wild thyme and walnuts came from my garden and the sherry vinegar (Gran Capirete 50 Year) and olives (Salvagno) from Sabato — who are celebrating 25 years in business. Ray McVinnie's no-stir pancetta and pea risotto is made using quality Sabato products.

runs from today until June 24 and this year's theme — Together We are Gluten-Free for Life — spells out the importance of understanding what is not a mere dietary preference. To help raise awareness and encourage people to enjoy baking again, Coeliac New Zealand ambassador Sally Holland shares two tasty gluten-free recipes –




Our soup of the week – coconut and carrot - comes care of Harvest extra virgin coconut oil.

Dinner tonight is one-pot chicken.