Can I just take a moment to share my irrational pregnancy rage over technology once again turning against me on what was an otherwise brilliant day?

I'd got up at 5am to exercise early so I had the rest of my day to get on with the many things I needed to do while both kids (five and three) were at school and daycare.

As smug as anything, having achieved so much before school drop-off, I came home to get a head start on an epic lasagne to make after-school time easier on me.

For the first time in a while I thought I'd turn on some music.


What is it with men and their obsession with technology? I just want to play some music. But every speaker in our house is a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi set-up and every time I want to listen to something, I lose at least 10 minutes trying to get the music coming through the right speaker.

What's wrong with a normal stereo or radio? Even on the times the speakers do work, the sound cuts out, or someone's phone rings and interferes with the signal because that's what the music was playing from.

Isn't this stuff meant to make our lives easier?

My rage-texts to my husband – because everything is his fault and he was the one who insisted on these stupid speakers floating around in every room anyway – didn't help things.

"It always works for me – not sure why you struggle with it," he replied.

That's his "It's you, not the speaker" passive-aggression coming back at my aggression-aggression. Don't hassle a man about his audio set-ups.

He followed-up: "Did you go and push a button to wake it up?"

Yes! And I turned everything off and on again because I am not as stupid as you think I am.


And anyway, it's 2018! I thought the entire point of these stupid speakers was that you didn't have to touch anything and they were fast.

FFS. I hate this thing. All I want is some music.

So much fury. I guess I was probably a bit hungry too which was perhaps my main problem.

In hindsight, I guess I could have just got on with making my lasagne without music. But pregnancy rage is not normal. That just didn't feel like an option at the time. By the time it came to putting the lasagne in the oven, I'd eaten about two cups of cauliflower-cheese sauce and didn't feel like lasagne for dinner at all. In fact, I felt sick.

Later, my husband came home to pick up something he'd left behind.

He tried to turn the speaker on.

It didn't work.