Things move fast on the internet. Yanny and Laurel, the big meme that everyone was talking about on Wednesday, is now a thing of the past.

The audio file that had the internet divided between those who could hear Yanny and those who were wrong (okay fine, those who could hear Laurel, somehow) has been replaced by a new, similar meme.

A clip posted on Twitter yesterday showing a little figurine making a sound is now causing people to doubt their own ears again.

Twitter user @sirvinnyd, who first posted the clip, said that if you think of the word "brainstorm" while playing the clip, you will hear the word brainstorm, whereas if you think of the words "green needle", that's what you'll hear.


Internet users can't understand this one. It's one thing when two people hear different sounds but now the same person can hear both, depending on what they're thinking about.