Brace yourself Kiwis, we have a battle royale on our hands - yet another country is trying to steal our pavlova.

No it's not the Australians, we have well and truly settled that score, this time it's the Norwegians.

Earlier this week a Norwegian chef only known as "Bernhard" rubbed our noses in it by smashing the Kiwi record for the world's largest pavlova.

Students from Eastern Institute of Technology previously held the record with their 50m2 "Pavkong" in 2005.


But Bernhard and his 35 helpers made a whopping 85m2 pavlova using 4200 egg whites, 800 litres of vanilla cream, 200 baskets of raspberries and 150 baskets of blueberries.

Kiwi chef Al Brown is not impressed.

"I think they probably need a New Zealand judge, someone like myself, to be flown over to verify this pavlova. They can't just pull something like this out 'we've made the biggest pav in the world' without consultation from New Zealand."

But it seems the Norwegians are in it to win it, with the pavlova fast becoming its national dessert.

Statistics from Google trends shows people from Norway search for pavlova even more than Kiwis. We only come in fourth, behind Estonia and Czech Republic.

Its huge popularity is thought to stem to its resemblance to the red and blue Norwegian flag, when topped with strawberries and blueberries.

So, we went onto the streets of Drammen in eastern Norway (yes we are taking this very seriously) to ask locals if they knew the origin of the mighty pavlova.

One of them answered "Norway", another had the temerity to call it their "national cake".

Is seems our national dessert - one we have fought so valiantly against the Australians - is being stolen.

So we say: No Way Norway.

You have crossed the culinary line.