A woman has been left red-faced after her fiance's photobomb turned her engagement ring picture into something very X-rated.

Unbeknown to the couple they has accidentally sent a live photo instead of a still image and sent it out to all their friends and family, who received a very rude surprise upon opening.

The "live photo" feature takes a three second moving image, rather than just a single picture and the woman's fiance just so happened to jump in at the perfect time and whip out his penis.

But neither of them realised that the hilarious photobomb had actually been caught on the live photo and sent out to all their horrified friends and family.


One friend saw the humorous side of the whole thing, replying to the message with "Congrats girl. It's huge!"

The photobomb has since gone viral on social media, with users quick to chime in on the embarrassing situation.

"You're not wrong, that finger is pretty big," one said.

"Lol a friend of mine knows the girl who did this … she sent it to her entire family. Imagine the horror," another added.