Prince Harry has been in the spotlight over the past few months, ever since announcing his engagement to ex-Suits actor Meghan Markle.

The influx of photos and videos has meant his nervous tic has become more and more apparent.

Most of us have a nervous tic — that little something you unconsciously do when you are feeling anxious or stressed or embarrassed. Some people twirl their hair, some bite their nails, some incessantly tap their foot. It's our way of subconsciously reassuring ourselves in situations that we perceive as difficult, according to

Harry, it would seem, loves to tuck his right hand into his suit jacket.


He's been doing it for years.

A number of publications have suggested there may be a "hidden meaning" behind the "odd" hand gesture.

Traci Brown, body language expert and author of Persuasion Point: Body Language and Speech Influence, told "he's seen this way quite a bit ... he's covering his solar plexus area (the vital organs) and protecting it which just says he's not quite comfortable in the situation — who would be with all those photographers around and people like myself analysing him?"

Another body language expert, Blanca Cobb, says it's his way of putting up his guard when he's in public situations.

"Prince Harry's arm placed across his abdomen serves as a barrier to separate or distance himself from something that he makes him uncomfortable. In this case, it could be having photos taken."

The hand gesture is now immortalised in the wax figures at Madame Tussauds. Photo / Getty Images
The hand gesture is now immortalised in the wax figures at Madame Tussauds. Photo / Getty Images

Veering over to the more bizarre side of things is the theory that Prince Harry is the secret signal of the Illuminati (a mysterious group of people claiming to possess special enlightenment) or the Freemasons.

Other royal watchers claim the hand-in-coat gesture is a symbol of a higher social class.

"Back in Napoleon's time, the hand-in-the-coat portrait was simply the way important men were painted — even to the point where the pose almost became a cliche," the Belleville News-Democrat reports.

Our theory? England is ridiculously freezing and he is trying to save the fingers on at least one hand from frostbite.