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There was the charcoal face mask. Then there was the ridiculous cloud mask. Now, the face mask bringing the sparkle and the double-taps on Instagram is an extremely glittery goop apparently more "flattering" than any filter.

So when we heard this face mask could take our Instagram game to the next level - and give our mugs a bit of a collagen boost - we rounded up Trial and Error's finest to put it to the test.

The talented trio donned their best "beauty capes" and lathered on the sparkling product, ready to reveal their best Instagram faces.



The Glamglow #Glittermask Gravitymud firming treatment. Photo / Glamglow
The Glamglow #Glittermask Gravitymud firming treatment. Photo / Glamglow






$94.00 from Mecca

The promise: "Make mask-time fun again with this holographic, glitter-injected take on the bestselling GRAVITYMUD Firming Treatment. Not only are the results next level, it's seriously Instagrammable too!"


Our panelists were genuinely impressed by the pot full of giant stars and glitter.


The tropical scent was a plus too, reminding Gracie a pina colada.

After suiting up in black rubbish bags, the application began. All three found the process easy but noticed some tingling on the skin for the first couple of minutes.

Bree noticed a lot more "burning" due to some skin sensitivity but said it was bearable.

After twenty minutes it was time for removal. There were some nervous, tight faces across the board as the trio wondered if they were about to endure the same charcoal mask pain from 2016.

While Bree's screams made it seem like she was in her own personal horror movie, she said the removal "actually doesn't hurt at all". Cam noticed Bree was left with an instant glow from the mask.

Both Cam and Gracie found the mask painless, despite Cam's cries while losing his "best eyebrow".

In the end Cam decided the mask had left his skin "smooth as a baby's bottom".


The trio all liked the mask and thought it could up their selfie game significantly. However
they weren't sure it was worth the money if you were only buying it for a quiet night in.

"it's definitely worth it if you want something fun for your Instagram," Cam said.

Bree, Cam and Gracie looking Insta-licious.
Bree, Cam and Gracie looking Insta-licious.

Our panel agreed it was a fun idea for a sleepover with friends and that if you all chipped in together, it would be well worth it.

In the end, the glittery concoction earned itself the Trial and Error stamp of approval.