Nigella Lawson's latest appearance on Kiwi screens has become an instant hit online, gaining thousands of views overnight and positive comments rolling in.

Lawson is the star of the latest Whittaker's commercial for Creamy Caramel and Dark Salted Caramel chocolate blocks. The ad sees the TV chef jump from decade to decade, documenting the famed chocolate brand's history beginning with a black and white carriage ride and ending in a cosy modern living room.

Whittakers posted the ad to Facebook last night and gained an impressive 76K views in just 14 hours.

As well as the growing view count, the positive comments continue to roll in, as viewers are asked by Whittaker's to "let a familiar face lead you on a journey to our best caramel filling ever".


One Facebook fan commented: "Usually fast forward adds but I rewound to watch. Must be good. Love Whittakers chocolate (sic)."

Another added that Lawson was an ideal face for the Whittaker's brand: "I think Nigella is perfect for the ads."

A eagle-eyed viewers were also able to spot the iconic Auckland Motat in the background.

The video even left some viewers wondering if Lawson is now based in New Zealand due to her frequent visits, including a recent escape to Waiheke Island.

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