She may have finally found her Prince Charming but it seems Meghan had some help - in the form of a dating self-help book.

According to a friend, Meghan used to be an avid follower of The Rules, a dating self-help book published in the 90s, according to the Daily Mail.

"Meghan used to quote The Rules all the time and really put it into practise with a number of her boyfriends," she told The Sun.

Rules from the book include never approaching a man, never suggesting a date, and no more than casual kissing on a first date, and not rushing into sex.


Some of the rules that feature in the book include:

• Don't Talk to a Man First (and Don't Ask Him to Dance)
• Don't Meet Him Halfway or Go Dutch on a Date
• Don't Call Him and Rarely Return His Calls
• No More than Casual Kissing on the First Date
• Don't Rush into Sex
• Let Him Take the Lead
• Don't Expect a Man to Change or Try to Change Him
• Be Honest but Mysterious

Markle is said to have closely followed the guide book for finding love.
Markle is said to have closely followed the guide book for finding love.

The former Suits actress is said to have used the handbook while dating her most famous ex, former husband Trevor Engelson, as well as other past boyfriends.

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The royal bride-to-be, 36, has dated men from all sorts of backgrounds, from a TV actor to a business tycoon.

Here, we take a look at the ones Meghan charmed before she met The One...


Meghan is believed to have dated comedy writer Shaun Zaken for six months in 2003, according to The Sun.

The pair met as students at Northwestern University in Chicago, embarking on a romance the year Meghan graduated.


Shaun, 38, has worked on TV shows Mystery Girls and Nail Files, as well as making a cameo appearance on Sex and the City as a waiter.

The writer and producer - who lives in LA - has also co-written TV movie Two Princes, which tells the story of Prince Charming arriving in modern-day California, and is due to be released later this year.


Steve Lepore. Photo / Getty
Steve Lepore. Photo / Getty

While still at college, Meghan reportedly embarked on a romance with 6ft 5in basketball player Steve Lepore.

However, sadly the relationship was short-lived, after Steve transferred from Northwestern University to a college in North Carolina.

Steve, 38, is now a basketball coach and lives with his wife, Carrie, and baby daughter in Lexington, Virginia.

He has previously declined to talk about Meghan, with his wife Carrie telling Weekend magazine: "I don't know why, but he won't."


After leaving college, Meghan is said to have dated TV actor Brett Ryland for five months.

Brett, who lives in LA, starred in television shows Mother's Little Helpers and South Of Nowhere.

He later became a staff writer on 2 Broke Girls, as well as working as a writer on the Disney Channel.

Brett appears to have since moved away from the showbiz world, now working as a business consultant.


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Meghan is believed to have gone on a date with actor Simon Rex, who starred as George in the Scary Movie franchise.

The actor, 43, guest starred with Meghan in the same episode of the TV series Cuts in 2005, where the pair first met.

Simon has continued to have a successful career, and is known for is rap alter-ego Dirt Nasty. He is also due to appear in Avengers of Justice: Farce Wars later this year.

His other famous ex-girlfriends include Paris Hilton, with the pair starring together in TV movie Rex in 2009.


In 2002, during her final year at college, Meghan reportedly dated an unnamed Argentinian businessman while working as an intern at the US embassy in Buenos Aires.

A source told the Sun: "He was a successful businessman and it was a case of, 'I will send a car for you, be ready'."

Meghan is believed to have only gone on one date with the businessman, but had found it 'exciting', according to the insider.


Meghan is also said to have dated an unnamed wealthy student for nine-months while at Northwestern University.

The former actress is said to have been 'very much in love' with her college sweetheart, but broke things off after going to Argentina.

The student's family are said to have been well-off diplomats.