Ever wondered what to do with an old teapot?

Tauranga residents can dress it up and race it around an obstacle course as part of a teapot racing event Steampunk style.

Steampunk is a sub-genre that incorporates science fantasy and aesthetic designs inspired by 19th century industrial steam-powered machinery. And it has arrived in Tauranga.

This weekend, people will get the chance to experience one of the Steampunk movement's most favoured antics - teapot racing. A Steampunk Teapot Trials workshop will be held at The Incubator at Tauranga Historic Village, 17th Ave on Sunday.


Steampunk Tauranga's Lindsey Morgan, also known as Lady Hannah Dashery-Buckle, said the workshop was aimed at introducing people to the fun and sheer shenanigans of teapot racing.

"People ask 'Why do you do such strange hijinks?' Because it's fun," Morgan said.

Morgan will head the workshop, dressed in Steampunk theme. She will go through tips and tricks of how to best to dress up a "teapot racer" and ensure it meets necessary dimensions suitable for the upcoming obstacle course (believed to include a tunnel and wobbly bridge).

Morgan said the workshop was a would-be racer's best "how-to" before official teapot trials are held later this month as part of the Tauranga Vintage Festival.

"The workshop is more me explaining how I made mine as a complete novice. Let's face it, all you need is a remote control car and a teapot."

One of Morgan's own creations is named Cut-tea-shark, as a play on the famed Cutty Sark. It is themed as a ship with a plastic shark and anchor chain attached.

"I love Steampunk because it's a good way to reuse and recycle things like plastic toys."

There are few rules involved in teapot racing other than competitors must be dressed in Steampunk attire.

People interested in attending the workshop are encouraged to dress up and have fun. Bringing a teapot was not an absolute necessity.

The Steampunk movement has been growing gradually throughout New Zealand, with Thames and Omaru holding some of the nation's largest Steampunk festivals.

"People go to the one in Thames in spring, and the Omaru one is in winter so what about one in autumn? What if you can't afford the travel?" Morgan said. "And that's what started the ball rolling."

Morgan met up with fellow Steampunker Dave Hamilton, who goes by Captain Mykaptan, and Steampunk Tauranga was born.

The group - and its teapot time trials - will be one of the main features of the Tauranga Vintage Festival at the end of the month.

What you need to know


Steampunk Teapot Trials Workshop


The Incubator, Tauranga Historic Village, 17th Ave


10am to 12pm, Sunday