A New York food writer has left Twitter baffled with her strange, and very pricey, way to achieve the perfect crispy roast chicken skin.

Helen Rosner uploaded a photo where she is seen using a $700 Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer to blow-dry her chicken.

"Happy snow day, I am using an astonishingly expensive hairdryer to remove all moisture from a chicken to maximise skin crispiness when I roast it," Rosner wrote in the post.

Rosner even went as far as to share the recipe with her fans, however most were just interested in the stage involving a hairdryer.


"For crisp skin, whether you're cooking a chicken or a duck or a fish, you want there to be as little water moisture as possible, which is sped up by a fan. And that's all a hairdryer really is — a handheld fan that you can pretty easily bring into the kitchen," she said.

But don't worry, a $700 hairdryer isn't essential to the process and apparently any hairdryer will work.

"You could use any hairdryer on the chicken — even one that doesn't have a cool setting, though it'll smell a little chickeny while you heat-style it," she explained.

"The fact that it's way, way, way better at drying my hair than any other dryer I've tried is just a bonus. The fact that it helps my roast chicken be so great is a double bonus," she said.