A Korean beauty blogger's bizarre blackhead removal hack has taken the internet by storm, along with a video showing her removing the blemishes from her face - while also prompting dermatologists to issue a grave warning about the 'terrible' trick.

Fei Yang, 23, revealed on her YouTube channel how she 'melts' her blackheads using just two household items, Vaseline and plastic wrap, applying the petroleum jelly to her nose, covering it in the plastic film, and allowing it to sit overnight before squeezing out the blackheads the next morning.

But while her trick has sparked a frenzy of excitement online, dermatologists are warning against using petroleum jelly on the face to expunge clogged pores, insisting the method is counter-intuitive and will only backfire and cause to even worse issues.

In her video, Fei detailed what she says is a totally 'natural' DIY remedy to extract blackheads which she admits has been out for awhile but nobody has really shined a light on it, explaining that you need nothing more than Vaseline, plastic wrap, and Q-Tips, which are used to push the sebum out of the nose the morning after.


The 23-year-old shared the video to her YouTube channel which has 950,000 subscribers and after posting it just four days ago the tutorial already has over 290,000 views and counting.

Fei made sure to note that you should not get the cocoa butter Vaseline, because cocoa butter will clog your pores.

The 'easy and safe' method to clear the skin and pores begins with putting a layer of Vaseline on your nose.

She claims that you can put the Vaseline on other parts of your face but start with just your nose.

Once the petroleum jelly is layered on the designated area, take any type of plastic wrap and tightly wrap it around your nose.

She admits that it's a bit tricky to apply the wrap at first, and confesses, 'I admit, you might look a little crazy but it works.'

Fei noted that you can leave the 'mask' on for just few hours but she slept with hers on for ten hours and had the 'best results'.

She admitted that keeping the mask on overnight was a little uncomfortable as it got itchy around her cheeks but when she woke up the next morning she was surprised it stayed on all night.

When she took the plastic wrap off in the morning she was shocked to find out that the area around her nose was still well saturated.

However, even though it's mesmerising to watch, Dr. Kenneth Mark, board-certified cosmetic dermatologist, said that this is actually, 'a terrible idea.'

'Vaseline totally is exclusive to pores. Blackheads are clogged pores by definition plus the plastic wrap only serves to increase the occlusion mechanically.

'On the other hand, this would be a good treatment for say, severe hand eczema. Common sense would say something for dry cracked scaly skin would not be good for oily clogged more skin,' Dr. Mark shared.

Once the plastic wrap is removed use Q-Tips to gently press out sebaceous filaments, blackheads, whiteheads and dirt.

Fei held two Q-Tips to either side of her nose and pushed hard starting at the top and working her way down and out which she repeated over and over again.

As she pushed the Q-Tips down over her nose you can see all of the gunk that is just melting out of the nose, which sounds gross but is oddly satisfying.

With slight pressing, all the congestion that was trapped under her skin for two months without proper exfoliation just came out shooting and you can see the proof on the Q-Tips.

You can also see at the end of the video the blackheads on her nose which are usually very hard to remove, slid right out with just a light push of her fingers.

Even Fei said that watching the gunk slide right out because of the Vaseline melting the dirt, blew her mind.

Meanwhile, Dr. Whitney Bowe leading NYC dermatologist and expert in skin rejuvenation, warned us about Vaseline a few months ago when another blogger tried out a DIY remedy of putting Vaseline on her eyelashes as mascara.

'Many people are worried about petroleum jelly, or petrolatum, clogging their pores,' Dr. Bowe said.

'Even though petrolatum is not comedogenic on its own, it is possible for other ingredients in a product to enhance its penetration, which can cause breakouts in certain people,' she concluded.

Fei did warn viewers that your skin will be very tender at this point but its completely worth it because you save yourself from yanking on your nose.

She also gave a heads up that the gunk will be tinted green due to the petroleum jelly and you will see the green residue from the Vaseline but don't get freaked out or confused.

Your pores will be extremely clear of dirt and debris after extraction and the before and after results of Fei's nose prove that.

She concluded, 'I give this a ten out of ten in my books and it has to be one of the best and natural ways to rid blackheads.'

In response to experts and people thinking this is a bad idea, Fei said, 'I know there's an ongoing debate about whether or not Vaseline is good for your face or not, just like coconut oil.'

'As much as I think it's okay for my face, everyone reacts differently. Please keep that in mind as some of you might be a bit more sensitive.'

After posting her YouTube video people actually tried it out for themselves and one user wrote, 'I watched and I tried and I'm in love!'

Another user also tried the remedy and posted before and after photos writing, 'I followed Fei's blackhead video and ah I'm so impressed! I recommend it!'