For this week's Ask Peter column, Peter Gordon talks of catering an event in Los Angeles that showcased New Zealand to their screen industry. It was quite the production, with Peter serving a delectable meal that gave diners a unique taste of New Zealand and all we can offer. Fiji did the same for the Bird sisters when they visited for the second season of Karena and Kasey's Kitchen Diplomacy.

In the Bite kitchen, Easter has been the focus of our recent productions. Geoff Scott's chicken, tomato and bacon pie is an easy one to make and take – away for the weekend or out picnicking and his flourless chocolate torte too. If the weather hasn't completely wiped them out, courgettes with mint, feta and pine nuts makes a great antipasti to serve with drinks or as a side dish.

Perhaps the four-day weekend will give you time to relax over an afternoon tea with friends, complete with cups of well-made tea and tinies.

Easter is also the right time to make this very impressive Black Forest celebration cake.


But first, how about roast chicken for dinner tonight? Served with a refreshing watermelon salad.