The supermarkets are fit to bursting with chocolate and you've likely tried to book in two days of leave to score six; Easter is just around the corner and while, like Christmas, it's usually a time for over-eating, unlike Christmas, it's devoid of those scary kids-meet-Santa photo ops.

Or so we thought.

It turns out there is a darker side to Easter that comes in the form of humans dressed as giant fluffy bunnies.

While that may sound innocent enough, as these photos show, sometimes a person in a bunny suit is just horribly wrong.


A popular practice in the US, we've rounded up some of the creepiest Easter bunny photos ever in the hope that it never becomes a trend here.


1. "I know what you ate last Easter"

2. In the shadows

3. "It's fine, I'll wait"

4. The creepy new friend

5. Terrifying blob bunny

6. The bunny that can't let go

I would be doing the same thing 😧 #creepyeasterbunny

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7. The soul-less monster

Happy Easter! #creepyeasterbunny #happyeaster

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8. The laughing lunatic

9. Bunny or demon?

10. Think of the children