Homemade preserves are such a joy to make, give and receive that it's a shame many of us find we don't have the time to do it. If you're keen maybe a change of perspective to the way Kathy Paterson goes about it will assist. Rather than thinking of it as one whole hot, sticky day's work, do it little and often. I am in to it with an icecream container of raspberries from the garden (the weather has been kind to the raspberry patch in Central Otago) and I now have three jars of raspberry jam on the shelf. It took me 18 minutes!

Following our first frost on Saturday I pulled all the basil and whizzed up pesto to store in the freezer - 20 minutes including picking time. Next up, 3 jars of Kathy Paterson's butternut, quince and apple chutney, that should be made within two hours. To borrow a phrase from Ray McVinnie - you get the idea? Kathy has also added recipes for piccalilli and roasted tomato sauce in to our preserving recipe collections this week. Take a wander through the sweet and the savoury and brush up on your technique with our preserving 101.

Looking ahead to Easter, Allyson Gofton is roasting chicken, with herby Greek flavours.

Jan Bilton is on the treats with chocolate and custard muffins and Easter hedgehog slice.


But first, yes, it's weeknight meals that need our attention. How about one of Warren Elwin's tacos and a fresh cheese pasta bake?

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