A distraught mother has hit out after her son was made to wear a high-vis vest at school because he's autistic.

London mother Joane Logan, 42, said she only made the discovery when her son Charlie revealed to his mother that he was made to wear the bib at break times.

According to the 42-year-old, she believes Charlie is made to wear the high-vis so that staff "could keep track of him".

Logan said she was left fuming, describing the school's actions as "disgusting" and "discrimination".


"It's just not right - it's massive discrimination!

"Looking back on it I think the classroom teacher mentioned a bib during the week - but I didn't really think about it, it didn't click until Charlie said something.

"When he came home he said about wearing a bib at break times - and I was like, "Oh? - what kind of bib?" and he told me it's silver and yellow, and he said: 'My teachers have said I have to wear a bib so that they know where I am at break times'.

"I knew during lunch break he's not always allowed out because he has been accused of hurting the other children, I know there's an issue there which the school have to work with me on.

"But they seem to think the best way to deal with it is to make him wear a bib so that teachers know that he's autistic.

"I wasn't informed about this by any means! - They decided to do this and it's disgusting.

"I'm so upset - I can't believe it's even allowed! I'm totally fuming!

"I've told Charlie he must never wear the bib, whatever they say to him, he should never put it on."

Charlie was made to wear a bib at break times so that teachers could keep track of him. Photo / Facebook
Charlie was made to wear a bib at break times so that teachers could keep track of him. Photo / Facebook

The mother-of-five had to wait a number of days before she could speak with the school's principal.

The concerned mother made suggestions on how to work with Charlie's autism, including adding "behaviour charts and rewards" but she says they have been ignored.

She added the six-year-old is kept inside at lunchtime to play in "The Butterfly Room" and claims he's allowed to choose one friend to stay inside with him.

"I'm not really happy about that because he needs to be out in the playground with other children socialising," Logan said.

Following the meeting, a decision was made that Charlie would no longer have to wear a bib.

In a statement, the school claimed Logan was previously informed about the bib.

A Cherry Lane Primary School spokesman said: "Decisions made concerning the welfare of all Cherry Lane pupils are done so on an individual needs basis.

"We always have their safety at the forefront of our practice to ensure that some vulnerable children are constantly supported. Visibility tabards (reflective vests) are used for a variety of reasons in our playground.

"Parents are always consulted prior to actions taken regarding the individual needs of their children.

"Should a parent change their mind regarding our practice, we work with them accordingly."

A spokesperson for the school also added that the vests are to make sure "vulnerable children" are "constantly supported".