Two young entrepreneurs have taken on US President Donald Trump with what's arguably one of the greatest qualities Kiwi's possess - our sense of humour.

Scott Kelly and Ben Polkinghorne are the latest to jump on the Trump merchandise trend with their Trump Trays, silicone ice cube trays moulded in the exact shape of the 45th President's head.

"Bloody Donald" cocktail. Photo / Supplied

However, there's more to Trump Trays than just an amusing way to chill your drinks.

The London-based pair say they were driven by their frustration with the US President's decision to withdraw America from the Paris climate agreement in June 2017.


"His decision to pull the US out of the Paris Agreement p**sed us off. We wanted to do something," says Polkinghorne, who also founded Kiwi sausage company Bangerritos.

Adding to their environmental crusade, the trays are 100 per cent recyclable and all profits will be donated to the Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF) a charity based in the UK, which they hope to raise around $38,000 for.

If you want to share a drink with a tiny Trump, you can visit their website to find out how you can get your hands a Trump Tray, and help crowdfund the Kiwis' goal to take Trump Trays to the masses.

Another cocktail called
Another cocktail called "Sex on a dissapearing beach". Photo / Supplied

The trays of melting Trump heads join a long line of products inspired by the US President, from a troll doll to shoes.

Here are our top five Trump-inspired items

Trump heels

Trump Trolls

Troll Trump. Photo / Facebook
Troll Trump. Photo / Facebook


The Donald Trumpkin cocktail


Trump swimsuit

Trump swimsuit. Photo / Beloved Shirts
Trump swimsuit. Photo / Beloved Shirts