After almost 13 years behind bars and on parole, the 40-year-old has taken another step towards independence, sharing the exciting news on social media.

Schapelle Corby is officially back in the driver's seat, said

The convicted drug smuggler, who returned to Australia from Bali last May after almost 13 years behind bars and on parole, took to Instagram yesterday to celebrate after passing her final driver's test.

She shared the happy news with her 193,000 followers, posting: "I got it. I passed" alongside a photo of herself beaming behind the wheel of a car and holding her brand new licence.


Ms Corby explained that in Queensland, motorists with a licence that had been expired for more than five years were required to first pass a written test before booking in and passing a driving test — a process which took the driver from their "L plates" straight back to an open licence.

In her caption she explained the process had been delayed after she broke her leg, writing: "Ive been home since May 2017, why has it taken me so long to get my licence? Well that'd be because I had a broken leg of course.

"Leg is healing well and I'm so excited to have my independence. Now just need a car."

Ms Corby was inundated with messages of support from followers such as daisygurranang, who posted: "True freedom now" and xscotty68x who wrote: "Good on you Schapelle" — although some took the opportunity to debate her controversial prison sentence.

Ms Corby celebrated her milestone 40th birthday soon after returning home to the Gold Coast last year.

December marked her first Christmas back on Queensland soil since her 2004 drug bust at Bali's Denpasar Airport.

Ms Corby was jailed after being caught with more than 4kg of marijuana in her boogie board bag.

Since returning home she has shared life updates on social media, and she released a pop song on Instagram last month.


The track, titled 'Palm Trees', was recorded with singer-songwriter Nat Zeleny.