Tinder has become a slippery slope into dating agencies for the younger crowd.

Five years ago around 20 people under 30 were looking for love through dating agency Two's Company. Now that number hovers around 80.

Agency director Sasha Madarasz spoke to the Herald ahead of Valentine's Day this Wednesday.

In the last five years, Madarasz had seen a huge shift in younger people using dating agencies. Most of her clients used to be in the 37 to 55 age range, now they're in the 25 to 40 age range.


Tinder had acted like a gateway drug for younger people to get into dating agencies, Madarasz said. Globally, 46 million people have used the dating app.

Madarasz often heard people complaining about the incessant number of meaningless matches they found on Tinder and turned to an agency for a more tailored approach.

"We started in 2007 and didn't get anyone under 33. Now we've had to lower the age group to 25, the change is so dramatic.

"Tinder means there's a market out there. They go to Tinder first, then come to us."

Cody turned to a dating agency two years ago when he was 25 after becoming exhausted by fake profiles on Tinder. After five introductions he is now dating the woman he met a month ago.

"It's great for anyone that is too nervous to arrange it on their own. Loads of people are like that. I had my very first date through that agent, since then I've arranged some of my own.

"If you're already dating and relatively confident I would say don't worry about it. But if you've just broken up from a relationship and you're not getting out there then it's a great way to date and relatively painless."

Cody said because you financially invest in the agency it places more pressure on the relationship to be "all in or all out" from the beginning. He also warned that the vetting process is not bulletproof.

Young people are turning from using Tinder to the more tailored approach offered by dating agencies.
Young people are turning from using Tinder to the more tailored approach offered by dating agencies.

"A deal breaker for me was no drugs.

"I went out for a drink with one girl and she got really drunk then took some recreational drugs at the bar with a friend of hers. She misinterpreted something I said then started crying.

"I don't regret that I've done it, but I wouldn't recommend it to everyone."

Around 600 people have paid $550 to be on the books for Two's Company which includes four introductions. Despite the payment Madarasz warned people against treating dates like business transactions or a job interview.

She disproved of asking a list of questions to determine whether that person ticked your boxes. Instead, she advised to just enjoy their company for the first few dates and see if there's chemistry.

"Forget about all that stuff, enjoy getting to know that person and treat it like a date, not a job or interview."

The "deal breaker" questions Madarasz vets clients on are what age group they want to date, whether they mind if their date has kids from a previous relationship, do they want kids and is religion, ethnicity or smoking important to them.

Madarasz matches them based on their answers to these questions and other more subtle questions about personality and preferences.

She said one conflict she often gets is men looking for women who have time for a relationship and women looking for men who have their own lives.

"Women are really good at being busy creatures, we like life we want to do that sort of thing. But when you're dating you have to make room in that busy life for a guy.

Young people pay $550 for four introductions at Sasha Madarasz's dating agency Two's Company. Photo / Supplied
Young people pay $550 for four introductions at Sasha Madarasz's dating agency Two's Company. Photo / Supplied

"If the person thinks you don't have time, they read you are not interested in them."

Madarasz's rule is that you should always have a second date before making a decision about that person.

"You've got to stop thinking about your future and just enjoy the dating process. First dates are not flirting as much as you would because they're a complete stranger, they are quite interviewy.

"If you want to lose weight you can't just join the gym, you've got to go over and over again."

Dating tips

​• ​Always have a second date. The first one can be tense and awkward.
​• ​Go for an after-work drink or dinner. Coffee or lunch is a meeting, not a date.
​• ​Ease into it, try an activity to help stimulate conversation.
​• ​Arrive first at the dinner, get a drink and spend five minutes relaxing before they arrive.
​• ​Dress up, first impressions are important.
​• ​Put the phone away and don't bring it out until the end.