A man has been caught, not once, but twice "wiggling" his penis at neighbours in a Sydney apartment block.

Police were forced to press charges of offensive behaviour and wilful and obscene exposure after the man caused a ruckus on Saturday afternoon which ended with his pants around his ankles.

The Manly Daily reported that neighbours heard the man in his 40's aggressively swearing while yelling at his TV, and went to check what was going on.

The man then allegedly exposed himself to fellow residents and "wiggled" his penis for about 40 seconds before pulling his pants back up, putting an end to his rhythmic routine.


Just when residents thought they could carry on with their day in a much more PG manner, the man exposed himself again and the police were finally called and charges laid.

It is not known if the man managed to wiggle his way out of the charges or if he will face his time in court.