If you're think this heatwave is making you uncomfortable, imagine what it's doing for babies, who can't easily regulate their body temperature.

Keeping a baby cool in summer can sometimes be harder than keeping them warm in winter. It's not just a matter of stripping off layers as the sun can be harmful to their fragile skin.

Here are some tips to keep your baby cool through the warmer weather:

1. Keep all blinds and curtains closed during the day and use a fan to circulate the air inside your home (although make sure the fan is not blowing directly onto your baby).


2. Gently sponge your baby with lukewarm water or give them a cool (not cold) bath. Make sure you dry them well afterwards.


If you have to drive anywhere, choose your time as carefully as you can to avoid the hotter parts of the day. Also, use sunshades on windows to protect your baby from the sun when they're in the capsule or car seat.

4. Dress your baby in light layers so you can take them off as the weather heats up. Choose breathable fabrics like cotton or linen.

5. If out in the sun, make sure you regularly apply waterproof sunscreen that is specific for babies.


Don't leave your baby to sleep in a pram as these can often became too hot.

7. Remove all liners or padding from around your bassinet or cot to improve airflow while your baby sleeps.



Choose only cotton sheets and avoid any waterproof mattress covering as this will hold heat and make your baby sweat.