Kiwi kids around the country are about to head back to school. For parents, this means packing lunches, organising uniforms, getting the morning routine down pat and buckling in for the laborious task of school drop-offs and pick-ups.

The Hits host Toni Street is a busy mum of two. Her eldest daughter, Juliette, began school in October last year and is about to head back into the classroom.

From the secret to a smooth Duraseal job on the school books to why her little ones don't do homework at night, Toni shares her best tips and ideas for making the school run as easy as possible.

1. What's your favourite hack for the school lunch box?


Bake something simple and nutritious on Sunday that lasts all week. The weeks I make a sultana cake are always easier.

2. What's the secret to getting the kids sorted in the mornings?

My husband does that ... having the clothes ready and bag packed the night before helps a whole lot.

3. What are your top tips for dealing with drop-off and pick-up mayhem?

Get to school early in the mornings so the kids have time to play with their friends. You also avoid the bottleneck at the gate!

Bribing with an ice block after school works a treat too.

4. How do you get them to do their homework?

Often they are too tired at night, so we do our homework first thing in the morning.


5. How on earth do you get all the bubbles out when you're covering school books with Duraseal?

The duracealing is going so well.

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It takes two to three people to ease the cover down. Nightmare!

- The Hits