He made headlines when he debuted his newly shorn head at an engagement last week.

But it appears Prince William might already be having second thoughts about his dramatic new look.

The Duke of Cambridge, 35, was spotted sporting longer and thicker hair on his sides at a public engagement today, in a sign he might let the style grow out slightly.

Award-winning celebrity hairdresser Jason Collier said it is 'not surprising' William could be having regrets over his bold new look, explaining that buzzcuts are a deceptively high-maintenance style.


Jason said: 'It does look like he's leaving it to grow out slightly – it's much thicker around the sides, and the hair is growing back at the top of his scalp, where his most prominent hair loss is.

'The buzzcut is a dramatic look and can take a little while to get used to, so it's not surprising that HRH might be leaving the look to soften a little, especially with all of the attention it's gathered.

How often should Wills trim his buzzcut?

Award-winning celebrity hairdresser Jason Collier warned: 'A buzz-cut requires weekly trims to keep it short and sharp, if that's the look you're aiming for.

'A grown-out buzz cut can easily look a little out of control and it's very noticeable.'

Such a short cut also requires additional scalp maintenance.

Men's grooming experts at GQ also recommend choosing a gentle, skincare focused shampoo that won't strip away the oil and natural goodness from the scalp.

In the same way that facial skin needs to be moisturise, men with buzz cuts should also ensure they moisturise their scalp to reduce dryness.

Suncream is also essential wear for those with very short hair, or they risk being left with a painful burnt scalp.

Lloyd Hughes, Creative Director and Lead Educator at men's grooming brand men-ü, added: 'Additionally, keeping hair so short actually has good benefits for the scalp, having so little hair on top helps to keep the scalp clean and healthy.'

'A buzz cut is often seen as a low-maintenance, quick-fix kind of haircut, but in reality it takes a lot of work to keep it looking sharp and fresh.'

Jason, who posts about his work on Instagram, added that buzzcuts ideally need to be trimmed every week or risk looking 'out of control'.

For those looking to copy William's look, he advised: 'Book in at a salon for the initial buzz, to find a length that suits, but after that, this is a look that you can easily keep on top of at home.'

Lloyd Hughes, Creative Director and Lead Educator at men's grooming brand men men-ü, agreed: 'I'd recommend visiting a stylist one every couple of weeks to ensure all is kept in order and the style doesn't start to over-grow. It is key to keep a masculine look to the cut, with the back and sides cut shorter than the hair on top where possible. Ideally, a 'number 2', on top, and a '1.5' on the sides. This will help to maintain the appearance of a styled haircut, rather than an all over buzz cut.'

Ross Charles, Owner of Ross Charles Hairdressing, said William should consider investing in some at-home grooming products if he wants to keep the look.

He said: 'The precision with this style must also be considered as it looks best when it is clean and exact, therefore it is usually recommended to have a set of clippers at home to keep the sideburns, over the ear and nape of the neck neat between appointments.'