After a terrifying five hours spent locked in her school bus, a five-year-old was found crying and banging on the doors trying to get out.

Bobbie Langdon was excitedly waiting to hear about her daughter's first day of year one yesterday when she eventually realised her five-year-old wasn't going to make it home.

Langdon, from the Queensland town of Yarrabilba, is now threatening legal action against the bus company after her daughter was left in a locked school bus for five hours.

In a Facebook post yesterday afternoon, Langdon slammed Logan Coaches and said her daughter Alyssa would no longer be attending Jimboomba State School.


"Alyssa was located petrified and crying banging on the school bus doors to get out. For 5 long hours she slept her heat away," Langdon wrote.

Langdon originally believed her daughter had not boarded her Logan Coaches bus.

Police set up patrols of the Jimboomba and Yarrabilba areas, south of Brisbane, to find the five-year-old as locals also joined in on the search.

Alyssa was found on a school bus by a team of police. Photo / Facebook, Bobbie Langdon
Alyssa was found on a school bus by a team of police. Photo / Facebook, Bobbie Langdon

Queensland Police said they eventually found Alyssa safe and well at 7.30pm last night after she fell asleep on the bus.

The Yarrabilba mum said Logan Coaches would be hearing from their family lawyer.

Langdon said she'd be taking Alyssa to the state's theme parks.

"Please parents time is precious, every parent in the country please hug and kiss your beautiful children tonight and appreciate everything," she wrote.

A spokesman for Logan Coaches said the "matter was being investigated" but would not go into further detail.


In an interview with ABC Radio this morning, Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said the incident was a "wake up call".

"I think it would have been a horrific few hours, not knowing what had happened to their daughter," she told 612 ABC.

"Thankfully she has been found safe.

"I think this is a wake up call to the bus companies to ensure that they do check their buses.

"But also too, we need to make sure that young students are familiar with their bus routes as well. I hope that bus company will do a review about that happened, and ensure that it definitely doesn't happen again," she said.

Palaszczuk said drivers should be checking their buses before finishing for the day.


"You've got young students, you've got young kids. I'm just thankful that she has been found safe and well.

"There are hundreds of thousands of students that travel on buses, this is an unfortunate event, but most of the time the students do get to where they need to go," she said.