When Shirley de-Barr checked her tomato plants on Thursday morning she was blown away.

The Whanganui resident, who had grown the fruit from seed, had 50 tomatoes on one plant and about 40 on the other.

"I was absolutely astonished, I couldn't believe it."

Ms de-Barr said she moved to her Whanganui East property four years ago and had grown tomatoes ever year but never this many.


"This year I used a different feed which seems to have worked ... I can't say what it is because it's my secret ingredient."

However, Springvale Garden Centre's Sharon Francis said in a good season that was the kind of number you should be expecting if not more.

"It depends on what sort of plant you've got but for average-sized tomatoes that you see in the supermarket you should be getting up to 100 throughout the season."

Ms Francis said to grow good tomatoes you need lots of feed, regular water and lots of sun.

So we are curious, how many tomatoes did you manage to grow this season?