Shoppers have been left baffled by a pair of barely-there jeans on fashion site Asos which are not only crotchless but also bottomless.

The £75 denim trousers (NZ$142), billed as "chaps", are from UK fashion label The Ragged Priest's Black Label collection and have gone viral on Twitter after one customer spotted them while browsing Asos.

The jeans are slashed just above the groin area and held together by a pair of metal chain suspenders - revealing a large portion of the upper thigh, the MailOnline reported.

Described by the fashion giant as "hot-right-now denim", they promise to "add attitude to your style" when teamed with t-shirts and beanie hats,


And they have certainly attracted plenty of attention online, with social media users declaring themselves baffled by the outré fashion statement.

One shopper wrote: "£75 to get ur foof out on ASOS. Like. Wtf is this mess [sic]," while another quipped: "Call me old fashioned but I like my jeans to have an arse in them!"

The light blue, straight-fit jeans feature a frayed hem and light blue faded denim - and are, unsurprisingly, handwash only.

Chaps - a shortened version of Spanish the word chaparreras - traditionally consist of a belt and leg coverings, first worn by cattle herders in Spain and Mexico, but are now more commonly associated with fetish culture.

On the tongue-in-cheek item description, Asos joke that "some days call for a little extra".

It's not the first time the fashion giant has hit headlines for selling unusual denim designs; in August its "builders' bum" jeans, with a cut-out panel just above the bottom, went viral, along with a bizarre denim skirt/jean hybrid.

One baffled shopper shared a selection of three directional denim garments that had popped up while browsing on Asos, writing: "I think I'll just pass".