Internal Affairs has released its annual list of declined names for 2017, which include . / and x.

Triple M, Saint, Legion-King and Ida-Qween are just four names of more than 30 that were kicked back when the names were registered via government website SmartStart.

Prince was the most rejected name with four attempts and Royal and Royalty were second-equal with three attempts each.

By law, names or combination of names must not cause offence to a reasonable person, be unreasonably long or include or resemble an official title or rank.


If names do not meet the criteria, they are then reviewed by the Registrar-General and the family have the opportunity to present their reasons for the name.

"Less than 1 per cent of babies have their proposed name considered, but the name of any baby born and registered in New Zealand must comply with New Zealand's rules, regardless of the nationality of the parents," Registrar-General of Births, Deaths and Marriages Jeff Montgomery said.

Yesterday it was announced that Charlotte was the most popular girls name and Oliver the most popular boys name for 2017.

Disapproved names from 2017

• .
• /
• Chief
• Duke
• Ida-Qween
• II
• IV
• Jahstice
• Judge
• Justice
• Justyce
• Justyce-Krimson
• King
• Lady
• Legion-King
• Majesty
• Major
• Messiah
• Miss
• Priince
• Prince
• Prince-Pahata
• Prynce
• Regal
• Rogue
• Royaale
• Royal
• Royale-Lee
• Royall
• Royalty
• Saint
• Sovereign
• Triple M
• X