It’s 2018, and the nature of the workplace is ever-evolving. The days are numbered for cubicles and whiteboards; nowadays, it’s all about collaborative environments, shared facilities and flexibility in the workplace. For some, this even extends to animals, with office pets steadily on the rise.

Office dogs can make great workmates and have even been shown to reduce stress levels and improve staff wellbeing and productivity. Here are some unexpected breeds that make for some of the best canine colleagues:

Originally bred as hunting dogs, common stereotypes of these traditionally racing-oriented animals will have you believe they love nothing more than sprinting around and chasing rabbits. In reality, they're big, gentle and even lazy pets – requiring between 16 to 18 hours' sleep per day. They also have generally sweet natures, and their short-haired coats mean they don't tend to smell. All in all, a top office pet. You can also adopt former racing dogs instead of going to a breeder.

A descendant of the greyhound, whippets are smaller but just as quick on their feet – in fact, whippets are the fastest accelerating dogs in the world. While that means they require 1–2 brisk walks each day, they also spend a lot of their time sleeping, much like greyhounds. With their light coats, they'll need sweaters in winter – or would equally appreciate the warm environment of a well-heated office.

Placid, small-to-medium-sized dogs make for great office pets and there are many kinds of bulldogs that fit this bill – French bulldogs and old English bulldogs in particular have a surprisingly good temperament for office environments. While they're not likely bother employees with barking, you might have to put up with a wee bit of snorting and grunting!


Cavalier King Charles Spaniels
The traits that make these spaniels great family house pets – friendliness, loyalty and a docile nature – make them ideal office pets, too. These doe-eyed darlings enjoy lounging around as much as they do a good walk around the block and are just social enough to get on everyone's good side; a strong contender for employee of the week.

Thanks to their small size and famously elongated bodies, Dachshunds (or sausage dogs) don't require rigorous exercise, rendering them pretty easy office pets to look after. They're also fun to have around and you can guarantee they'll be Instagrammed to the high heavens by any snap-happy employees. They'll be a stress-reliever and a social media celeb all in one.