This couple could never have imagined the journey they would end up on when they met in a bar and never spent a day apart again.

It was love at first sight for Jesse Allen, 27, and Pixie Marlan, 24, who met at a Gold Coast bar, "hung out the next day and legitimately haven't spent a day apart since", according to the Daily Mail.

Aussie gal Pixie had been taking photos for about 10 years when she met Jesse, who had just enrolled to start studying photography himself.

The couple had an "instant connection" that led to them travelling together to exotic locations around the world.


While on their journey they have used their photography skills to show off their travels as - well as creating a successful business by modelling everything from fashion to swimwear.

The couple originally had fulltime jobs, only being able to shoot on weekends, so they left to pursue a life of photography, launching Creatif Company together.

They spent their first year working as photographers fulltime and have spent the majority of the past year shooting all over the world.

Jesse gave the Daily Mail an insight into why the lovebirds are such a powerhouse team.

"Having each other on set is invaluable," Jesse said. "It means you get to focus purely on the shot that's taking place."

He went on to say that their outlook on shoots is different which makes it interesting to work together.

"I'll think of a shot when we're on a campaign and she [Pixie] will think of a completely different one, so we end up taking both shots and the client has two different angles to choose from," he said.

The photography power couple, who have more than 300,000 followers between them, say they will continue to travel the world with hopes to work with a range of different clients as they expand their photography skills together.


we're off again next stop #bahamas

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