People of the internet are so ridiculous sometimes...

Last week, we were all treated to a new official royal portrait on the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's Christmas card.

"George looks so big" and "Charlotte is so cute!" was what everyone was saying until Twitter users realised something wasn't quite right with the image.

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Kate and William share new family portrait on Christmas card


Social media users were convinced that Kate seemed to have lost her arm in an accidental Photoshopping mishap. The most likely situation is that her arm would be resting behind Prince William but as this royal couple do not show PDA, that could not be the case.

So where is Kate's arm?

Whether the royal family have been made victim to a case of bad Photoshopping or just awkward arm placement, it's still clear that the young family are adorable.

We can't wait to see next year's Christmas card with the addition of the couple's third child.

- ZM Online