The mother of a self-proclaimed "10 out of 10" has claimed he has "only had two girlfriends" despite him claiming to be "God's gift to women".

Jackie Blanchard, 53, a mother-of-six, described her youngest son Michael as a "football crazy lad" but said she would be "very sad if he had been disrespecting women", the Daily Mail reports.

Mr Blanchard, who has now been banned for life from dating app Bumble, apologised to Samantha Drain, 23, this week after telling her that she was a "five or six out of ten".

The graduate from the British School of Osteopathy in London then sent her a photograph of another woman and said she should aspire to look like her.


Bumble banned him for life with the dating app saying "small minded, sexist, shallow people aren't welcome in a progressive society anymore."

Speaking on the doorstep of the family home in London Colney, Hertfordshire, Mrs Blanchard dismissed her son's claims of being a womaniser.

She told MailOnline: "Michael might say he is God's gift to women but he has only had two girlfriends.

"He is more of a blokey, bloke really. He is more of a lad. He is not really that interested in women.

"I would hate to think that he is bullying anyone.

"He is the youngest of six. He is the bottom of the pile. He didn't get away with a lot as a kid, as we'd have all jumped on him.

"He does have a good sense of justice, and a good sense of right and wrong. So I would be very sad if he had been disrespecting women. He has four sisters.

"I hope we are not going to have lots of girls throwing tomatoes at our door."

She added: "Michael doesn't even allow me to be his Facebook friend...that's how secretive he is. So it's very interesting that he has been using an online dating thing.

"He gets up to things that he knows I won't like. So that's why I'm not allowed to be his Facebook friend. He won't give me his mobile phone number – he phones me.

"He has this group of mates. And whenever he goes out with them there seems to be trouble."

Mrs Blanchard told MailOnline: "He is not a bad lad, but he is a bit crazy. When he goes on holiday there's always an accident.

"Mike is a gymster, he likes to go to the gym. He is football crazy. He likes watching those reality TV shows like Love Island."

"He is training to be an osteopath in London. But he commutes in from home because its cheaper.

"He has always been different from my other children. He never complied. He was the only one who got in trouble in school.

"But he is always kind to his mum. We have four girls and a boy at either end.

"He is 24. We all look after him by stealth. He doesn't know we are all looking out for him."

Mr Blanchard's behaviour left Miss Drain, a dance teacher, upset and prompted outrage with hundreds labelling him "vile and disgusting".

The 24-year-old said the messages were "funny" and at worse "insulting" and he blamed his friends for sending them while "highly intoxicated".

Speaking to The Tab, Mr Blanchard said: "They were mostly funny and harmless but in this case it was extremely rude, belittling and insulting.

"I had no control over those messages that were sent through my account and had I seen what was written, would absolutely have stopped them from being sent.

"That being said, it was an irresponsible position to put myself into and what we were doing was completely stupid and has resulted in a really sweet girl being disrespected by dumb actions."

During the exchange Mr Blanchard said Miss Drain seemed the "desperate waiting type" and he would only consider having sex with her if she improved her physique.

Miss Drain, who is newly single, said the exchange had knocked her already fragile confidence.

She had received the message at a Christmas party which "ruined" her night.

Mr Blanchard posted a picture of another woman and wrote: "Hey Sam, I can call you Sam right???

"So you see the girl in the pic? That's what you could look like if you put a tiny bit of effort out in the gym, thank me later.

"So when you look even the tiniest bit like her I'll consider meeting up with you but at the moment it's no way hosay, anyways sorry, YES of course I can make it [sic]."

Miss Drain responded in shock: "I'm sorry but how f*****g dare you."

But Mr Blanchard then followed her reply with several spelling and grammatical errors, saying: "How f*****g dare I?

"Well SAM! I'll tell you how... So I'm not gunna lie I'm a 10/10 and your clearly a 5 at a push 6 so with my advice I could push you to a 7 which would make me want to smash your back doors in. But at the moment it's a no, sorry babe but mike pumper has to move on!

"When your looking tip top I'll let you know, you look like the desperate waiting type so I'll hold you to that, Thanks, Love Mike [sic]."

Miss Drain, who posted the screenshots on social media, said: "I have only recently become single and I am not the most confident person. It takes a lot for me to get the courage to just say hello to someone.

"It is just really upsetting for anyone to be spoken to like that.

"I let him add me on Facebook and he started following me on Instagram, which is how he saw all my photos. We did have conversations about meeting up but I still didn't know him well enough. We all have our own insecurities and he was just throwing them in face."

Miss Drain reported Mr Blanchard to Bumble and has blocked him on all social media.

Mr Blanchard has now been banned from Bumble.

In an open letter they wrote: "To the brave woman that brought this to our attention, we are so proud of how you've stood up for yourself. We know you didn't want this attention and we hope that this is a reminder to all women and men that no one should encounter this sort of degradation, and if you do - we encourage you to let us know. We have your back.

"If you begin a journey to self-discovery, we recommend beginning by finding new friends and a new outlook on life.

"Goodbye forever, Michael. You're officially banned from Bumble. If you begin a journey to self-discovery, we recommend beginning by finding new friends and a new outlook on life. See you never."