Twitter has gone into meltdown over the White House's "creepy" Christmas decorations which many say would not look out of place in a horror movie.

Melania Trump was said so have "personally selected" most of the Christmas decor for this year's "time honored traditions" theme, according to Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

But while most rooms featured, warm and welcoming displays, one room looked more frightening than festive, reports the Daily Mail.

The eerie, twig-lined hallway has been compared to everything from The Shining to the Adam's Family after Stephanie Grisham, one of White House communications team for Melania, shared a photo of the room on Sunday.


Now hundreds of people have flocked social media to mock the first lady's unusual artistic choice.

"The White House at Christmas, or the entry to the Evil Queen's castle? Creepy AF," one Twitter user wrote.

"Not saying the White House Christmas decorations are creepy, but if an evil queen turns up in a sleigh and offers you Turkish Delight, you should politely and firmly decline," Alistair Coleman‏ added.

The "creepy" decor has even led some to ask whether Melania has got her holidays mixed up.

"Bunches of leafless branches in plain boxes , casting creepy shadows," Irene Morris‏ tweeted.

"It's Christmas not Halloween."

The style choice is even more baffling as Donald Trump has made a point of saying he plans to return to more traditional festive celebrations and even declared he was going to "end the war on Christmas"

Unfortunately, it seems Melania may have missed the memo.


"And they say it's the liberals that have a war on Christmas?!?" one Twitter user wrote.

"Jeez.. Apparently @FLOTUS wants the whole holiday dead and buried... in a creepy Romanian graveyard. I guess those with dark hearts prefer dark decor."

Is it just me, or do Melania's White House Christmas decorations remind you of another family that had to put up with a dad who lost his mind?

— Cyrus McQueen (@CyrusMMcQueen)

The long chamber was decorated with a line of white twig bundles on either side, lit from the bottom, to create shadowy 'forests' above. A lonely Christmas tree sits in the distance, under the arch of a doorway.