It's official. Frankie and Rocky have tied the knot.

The newly wedded Pomeranian and Griffon dogs' nuptials are the result of a crazy idea hatched over a few quiet drinks between friends.

"Well, we do come up with some pretty extravagant ideas sometimes," Razor's owner Paula Gerrard said.

"We thought Razor and Frankie, would make beautiful puppies, so we thought 'if they're gonna do that, then we should have a wedding so it's official' so then we started planning this wedding."


The idea escalated quickly and Frankie's owners Ben and Paula Gilby organised wedding cars, a helicopter ride for Frankie, and a roast meal.

"We don't have many weddings to go to so we thought 'why not get dressed up all fancy and have a good day?" Ben Gilby said.

But for Paula Gilby, sorting out the dog's wedding ended up being even more complicated than her own, in Rarotonga.

The wedding dress was specially made by a friend and the entourage of four-legged best men all wore little suits too.

"This has taken lots of organising, but it's been fun," she said.

No expense was spared for these pampered pooches and the couples estimate the wedding cost around $5000.

That's more than most people would spend on their pets in a lifetime, but at the heart of this extravagant wedding is a good cause - the SPCA.

"Unfortunately there are a lot of animals that aren't so pampered, so we thought along the way we might as well try and help them as well," Razor's other owner, Philip Burrows said.

"We decided, in lieu of gifts, everybody should bring dog food for the homeless animals," Paula Gerrard said.

"I think if we can actually do something for the SPCA and have a good time why not," Ben Gilby said.

"People will say 'why not just give that [wedding money] to the SPCA?' Well, because we can make more. If I put a thought into something I go next level."

About 30 pooches and their owners lined the aisle as Razor and Frankie exchanged vows and their proud parents think they might just be onto something.

"There could be a lot of dogs getting married," Paula Gerrard said. "And what about cats?"

The happy couple plan to continue fundraising via their Facebook page as they begin their journey into marital bliss and start a family.

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