A vegetarian plane passenger was left feeling underwhelmed when the airline he was flying with offered him an apple and a pear for dinner.

Steve Hogarty was flying with Colombian airline Avianca when he told flight attendants he required a non-meat food option.

But to his disappointment, instead of offering him something like a cheese sandwich or a vegetable stew, they decided two pieces of fruit would be enough, reports the Daily Mail.

Seemingly not wanting to treat him any differently to those who received a regular meal, the apple and pear were served wrapped in cling film with a knife and fork.


He tweeted: "The vegetarian meal on this flight is an apple and a pear wrapped in clingfilm, served with a knife and fork."

The journalist's post was widely read, with over 500 people liking the post and several retweeting it.

Noticing the furore, Avancia replied claiming "this is not our standard".

A staff member tweeted: "Service is our priority, please let us know your flight date/number and also your contact information via DM.

"This is not our standard so we surely will investigate as soon as possible. AC"
Mr Hogarty replied again saying he would "DM them some recipe ideas".

His post encouraged other dissatisfied vegetarian fliers to share their experiences.

Mike Gilyatt hit out at British Airways for offering him chicken or beef when he told them he didn't eat meat on a flight from Tokyo to London.

He tweeted: "On a recent British Airways flight I asked for a vegetarian meal and they told me they had none left, but kindly offered me chicken or beef as an alternative. I eventually got given some cheese."


The airline spotted his post and replied: "This is disappointing to hear, Mike.

"Where were you travelling from and to? We can pre order vegetarian meals on our long haul services and in our Club Europe flights."

Charity worker Dave O'Caroll responded to Mr Hogarty's picture with his own, claiming he had been served a random selection of fruit on a recent flight.

He posted: "I asked for a veggie meal on a flight once and this is what I got. At least yours was wrapped."