A young mother from Australia has shared footage of her baby daughter struggling to breathe due to weather changes.

Sophie Cachia, 26, says nine-month-old Florence suffers from breathing problems that are triggered by weather changes.

She took to Instagram to share a video of little Florence breathing rapidly while the family was holidaying in Queensland.

"Her first trip to the snow saw her suffer terribly, and now a trip to warm QLD results in being rushed in an ambulance at midnight," she said in an Instagram post showing Florence in her hospital bed.


"Petrifying, but as a parent you just have to run on auto pilot and get through...for them.

"I know they're only little, but the look they give you when they're scared is something that haunts me, as I try to do my best to keep it together as their mumma.

"My baby is home and doing much better today. Mumma is still rattled, but my babies come first," she added.

The mummy blogger said her son Bobby has been hospitalised several times for similar reasons and she shared the signs to look for in children having trouble breathing.

"We're well aware of the signs to look for. The sucking in under her throat and her ribs means she's working really hard to breathe.


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"We used prior knowledge and listened to our gut and Jaryd [husband] took her in just before bed time.

"Lucky, because the poor thing spent the night hooked up to oxygen.

"I only took this video just before they left in case she got to the hospital and was breathing fine, I always prefer to have something to show them upon arrival."