With so much debate worldwide over the right way to stand or sit during the National Anthem, a Kiwi has posted a friendly reminder on Reddit that, in New Zealand, even the washing machine belts out the national tune.

A Reddit user posted a video of his Fisher & Paykel washing machine playing the national anthem, along with a drawing of the Kiwi flag.

When someone criticised his "sh****" flag, he responded that the country had a referendum and that was the final choice.

A viral social media video first revealed Fisher and Paykel's patriotic vein in 2013, when a woman uploaded footage of her washing machine to YouTube, with instructions on how to make it play the anthem.


At the time, the whiteware manufacturer revealed the machines had been doing that for 20 years, as engineers had programmed the anthem for demonstration purposes.

People on Reddit welcomed the little reminder today.

"I lost it at the flag. Sitting at the bus stop laughing like a loon," one user posted.

Others revealed they did not know about the hack.

"How does one even discover this? Unless it was in the manual, was there a manual?" someone else said.

"Take a knee until uncle Winston makes a decision," another user added.