Wendy's has become well known for cultivating a Twitter presence so sassy that no other fast food chain dare step up to challenge it - until now.

The latest target of the chain's online sass is chicken wing restaurant Wingstop, whose re-purposing of a rap verse got Wendy's all riled up.

It all began on Monday when Wingstop wrote some lines based on the words from Migos' song Bad and Boujee, according to Daily Mail.

"Gamestop, Wingstop. Copped a new game for the [Xbox]. Saucin' and tossin' our wings in a pot, pot. We got that Original Hot, Hot," reads the tweet.


Wendy's apparently took the verse to be stepping into its turf of clever Twitterisms and shot back with a quote from Kendrick Lamar: "Sit down, be humble."

But instead of backing down, Wingstop took on the challenge, turning Wendy's own marketing slogan against it.

"Be there. Done that. Bring something fresh... not frozen," the restaurant shot back.

Things just escalated from there, with Wendy's busting out a slick verse in reply, not only using its famous slogan, but also dropping in a mention of the chain's popular frozen ice cream dessert.

"Fresh, never frozen since 69. Trying to cop that mixtape, better get in line. Grabbed a couple wings now you're trying to fly. But nothing gets 'em dipping like a Frosty and fry."

Wingstop took just seven minutes to hit back with: "A frosty and a fry? Giiiirl bye. Wingstop flavor bringin' all the cravers! They eat us now and save you for later."

Things only became more vicious, with Wendy's calling Wingstop "a laughless clown, or a king that's throneless' before suggesting it serves up its wings 'uuuuhhhhhhh boneless."

More shade was thrown as Wingstop suggested choosing burgers over wings was "weak" and Wendy's claimed to be "serving up bars on a warm toasted bun."

In the end, Wendy's finished its offering with the line: "We know why the chicken crossed the road. But you crossed the boss and straight got told."

Wingstop came back with: "You're queen of retweets with no soul. We're king of flavor & everything else for that matter. You talk a good game but it's all chatter."

After the dust had settled, Twitter users seemed to agree with the legendary burger chain, with one writing: "Drake boutta get Wendy's as his next ghostwriter."

Another user asked: "Are you gonna send them a frosty for that burn @Wendys?"