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Eyebrows have come a long way since the pencil thin wisps we tweezed to within an inch of their lives back in the 90s.


While recent times have seen brows become fuller and more natural, the latest movement in the brow game is nothing short of bizarre. You may have noticed - and been perplexed by - faces framed by fuzzy waves clogging your Instagram feed. These, my bewildered friend, are squiggle brows.


As far as we're concerned, they're up there with Crocs becoming high fashion footwear.

But while the beauty trend is showing no sign of slowing down over on social media, is anyone actually wearing their brows like this on the daily?

We decided to try them out and see what life in the real world is like when you're repping wriggly worms on your face.


Our squiggle brow volunteers Gracie and Liana, who confessed to having "no idea what I'm doing" despite watching a few tutorials, go in blind with their makeup tools.

Using a range of brow products, the girls attempt to create the squiggle shape, with some varied results.

Gracie felt her new brows looked like a pregnant seahorse while they reminded Liana of "a snake eating an animal whole". Off to a great start then.

Many laughs later, the squiggle brows were complete and ready to show off to the world.


The face that says it all.
The face that says it all.

As they entered the Herald newsroom to gauge reactions, Gracie and Liana predicted their new look would be a noticeable one.


Right off the bat, the girls were asked, "Are you okay?" by co-worker George. His concern was immediately followed by laughter and shocked looks from several others who crossed their path.

While some were too polite to say how they really felt about squiggle brows in the workplace, their faces may have said it all.

Next it was time to head straight to the top and get reactions from the NZME bosses.

It was a
It was a "no" from literally everyone.

Surely they'd be across the trend?

NZME's head of entertainment, Joanna, noted while Gracie's brow game was "great normally", she could only shake her head at the new look.

Group director of entertainment Dean, a man normally never short of words, was reduced to "wow". He suggested maybe a moustache would be a nice accompaniment to the new look.


All things considered, Gracie felt the new look wasn't something she'd be rushing to do every weekend. Partially due to it taking so long to apply and requiring a lot of "precision".

Both brow volunteers decided while the look was "interesting", it wasn't something they would necessarily try again. Ever.