Hugs are great - but can they actually get you there? This couple swears they do.

Los Angeles couple Melanie and Scott McClure recently appeared on the British talk show This Morning to reveal they don't even need physical contact to orgasm.

Self-described tantra experts, the couple said they're so turned on by each other that they can climax for hours - once they even went for a continuous 18 hours.

When the TV host questioned the plausibility of Scott managing to last for so long, he admitted there's a difference between orgasm and climax.


"You can orgasm without the ... drain of energy," Scott said.

The couple are so good at their version of lovemaking, they don't even need to be together anymore.

"We can feel each other even when we're apart. We can orgasm all by ourselves, just through breathing," Melanie said. "Tantra teaches us to be conscious about it."