A snake catcher who was called after a family found a python in their garage was stunned to find it was part of a breeding pair.

Dan shared a picture of the scene after one of the snakes had been removed on the Sunshine Snake Catchers 24/7 Facebook page.

He said he had arrived at a home in Cooroy, Queensland, and removed the snake - and it was only then that he realised there were actually two, according to Daily Mail.

"Breeding season is in full swing at the moment!" he wrote in a post alongside the picture.


"I was called to a Cooroy home, where the resident had noticed a snake in their garage.

"Upon arrival, there seemed to be a lot of scales for one snake. Further investigation revealed what was a breeding pair!

"This photo was taken after one snake was removed, as I didn't realise there was 2 until I started to move the 1st one."

His picture sparked a wave of comments from people who struggled to spot the snake in the snap.

But some eagle-eyed viewers noted that the reptile was curled up inside a green cardboard box.