191 King St, Pukekohe


(09) 239 1110




Mon-Fri 7am-3.30pm, Sat, Sun 8am-3pm

We spent:

$51.50 for two


Two city mice took advantage of a sunny Saturday to make an expedition to the outer reaches of Auckland. Pukekohe is always a pleasant surprise after the rush and crush of the motorway and then a few kilometres of countryside. There's seating in the front of the cafe and a sign indicates an "edible courtyard" at the back. Investigation of this revealed a covered-in outdoor dining area, but given it was a chilly winter's day, it was empty, despite a gas fire. Along one wall were planters containing a variety of herbs and salad veges, used by the Town Mouse kitchen, a waitperson confirmed. There's also a kids' area with toys.

Town Mouse. Photo / Getty Images
Town Mouse. Photo / Getty Images



The cabinet is crammed full of delicious-looking salads, sandwiches, quiches and sweet treats, but we opted for the menu. There is all you could imagine that would feature on a brunch menu, with extra twists coming from unexpected ingredients (the child in me would have loved candyfloss with the home-made waffles). We opted for the house-smoked salmon with vege slaw, soft-boiled egg, prawn crackers and sesame tamari dressing ($17.50); "The Vegan" of potato hash, tomatoes, mushrooms, lentils, avocado and kale ($20.50); and a side of potato skins with truffle mayo ($6.50).

Presentation was attractive and the meals tasted as good as they looked. The coffee (Allpress) hit the spot as we waited for our meals (it is a longish drive south from the city, after all).


In the much-loved fable, Town Mouse visits his cousin in the country. Country Mouse has collected lots of food ready for the visit, but Town Mouse turns his nose up at it. We city mice, however, found Town Mouse (the cafe) to be a fine destination and it seemed popular with the locals. We noticed how many seemed to be greeted like old friends. They probably were. Definitely a place to return to if we're in the vicinity.