The RSPCA in Australia is warning people about dog baiting after a threatening letter was sent to a West Australian pet owner.

The organisation's WA branch has shared the handwritten letter, which warns a local dog owner the author "will poison" their pet, reports.

"You have NO idea how close we are to baiting your dog," the scrawled note reads.

"You are the only people in the street who allow their dog to bark, let alone howl. It's a horrible noise."


The intimidating message goes on to make specific threats.

"One more morning like today and we will poison it. If we don't do it, our neighbours will," the neighbour says.

The disturbing threat follows a spate of baiting incidents in the Perth area this month.

According to RSPCA WA, there have been five separate baiting incidents since early September.

In one case, a dog was found bleeding to death in its backyard after ingesting deadly poison that was thrown over the garden fence, the organisation reported. The dog was rushed to a vet, but had to be euthanised.

In a warning to anyone thinking of harming an animal, RSPCA Chief Inspector Amanda Swift said baiting an animal was a serious criminal offence.

"The amount of suffering caused by baiting is severe, and those responsible will face significant penalties if caught," Ms Swift said.

"Causing deliberate harm to an animal is not a solution. Even if the animal is the cause of the neighbourly dispute, it is not to blame and shouldn't be punished in such a vicious and cruel way.

"There are other ways to resolve problems and baiting should never be an option."

Ms Swift urged pet owners to "do what they can" to reduce the chance of having their pet targeted, and take action to improve their pet's behaviour if it was causing a genuine problem for neighbours.

According to the Animal Welfare Act, intentionally or recklessly poisoning an animal is an offence that could attract penalties of up to $50,000 and five years in prison.